Saturday, November 27, 2010

Once again, here's another update of the Corrupted and Technomage for Dominance War V: Pre-war concept art.

I took a few days off after some mild creativity block following the removal of the cross. The main reason was so I could avoid the risk of making the judges decide if my concept will offend religious groups or not, and I cannot justify what I was thinking during the creation process (Except for the forums).

So I finally managed to keep the Corrupted the way I originally pictured it. The legs were something I playfully added around 3am to see what else might work. They didn't...He is more or less a Specter now, but without being infused into a crucifix this time. By making this guy undead it helps you understand that (unenchanted) swords are useless against this guy. Magic is the most viable option! As an experiment, I had him drawing power from the hydro lines and channel it to his left arm for an anticipated blast. I found it gave this overall purpose to the Technomage and his ability to use 'natural' elements against his enemies.

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