Saturday, May 7, 2011

Another update. Added more detail and texture. Enhanced the color a bit. It's slowly getting there.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

First up is a couple characters that came to me randomly while trying to create a matte painting. The main character is a young, nameless adult who is found completely mangled, and eventually gets fixed by an old, skilled gnome. Essentially making this a Pinocchio story crossed with steampunk at first.

Along the way, the kid/adult would befriend a rogue/scoundrel of a mouse named Edgar J. Wilde, who happens to be an incredibly skilled swordsman. Clearly represented by the huge cutlass he carries on his back. The boy goes by a simple serial number on his plated armor RBT-57, or simply "Rabbit" according to Edgar.

Following them closely, are a pair of Hell hounds that make their journey difficult. I can go on and on, but for now. that's about it.

A big influence was The Secret of NIHM, it is still one of my favorite cartoons. So many great things to say about that one!
The next painting is more inspired by the show "Life After People". This one began as more of a lesson on painting clouds, which turned into this icy wasteland. Then I thought of having the some people crash land on a foreign planet, and find a once magnificent piece of the former inhabitants existence.

I intend to finish both of these paintings, as I love them very much, and don't want to leave them hanging just yet. I'm thinking the next step with this one will be to make the golden gate bridge look more mangled. The wires maybe snapped overtime, and the structure fell into the ocean before getting caught in a flash freeze from an oncoming ice age.