Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hometown: Starring Bill and Tucker


Hometown: starring Bill and Tucker

Introduction to a fat, inbred circus bear and his exasperated duck friend, who reeks of cigars and cheap whiskey. The two are killing time before they attempt to rob a local cash mart. Tucker has an interesting revelation.



(Originally intended for the Teletoon - Pilot Project, but couldn't complete the submission.)

On a further note: This is my first ever attempt at using Flash. Wasn't too keen on it before, but later found it's possible to apply a more traditional workflow. Taught myself how to use the program while making this short. Which took my sister (also new to flash) about a 1 month and a half to make, very proud how much we grew in our skill. Can't wait to work on more shorts with these guys!

I would've loved to work more on this, but as it is, it's fine. I drew storyboards leading up to a more complete 5-minute episode, but had to cut it short and make a silly joke about having a measly $5 budget.

I intend on using this program more from now on. So stay tuned.